Mergers & acquisitions

We take pride in our profession and are committed to continuous improvement in efficiency and competitiveness.

By delivering well-advanced M&A projects, with key success factors ensured, we help our clients expedite high-probability M&A processes.

In today’s global market environment, companies are subject to heightened levels of complexity and must make difficult decisions to remain competitive. 

Such decisions include corporate operations, family realignments, board professionalization, and internationalization, among others. 

These decisions may require specific knowledge, which is generally not available within the organization. Multiple references, all available, support this claim.

Key activities include:

As both experienced investment professionals and operators, Freshlife is uniquely positioned to deliver high-value projects that satisfy both the investor and the companies involved.

Freshlife is involved in the full-cycle M&A process; however, the firm’s greatest value-add is through the generation of projects. Quality research, analysis and the firm’s vast network, ensure a high probability of success. Unlike many other industry participants, by investing alongside the private equity firms backing our projects, we take the same risk as the investors.