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Our deep and long-lasting relationships with key industry professionals, which we value above all else, are a testament to the quality of the Freshlife team.

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Client Testimonials

“Freshlife has been our partner since 2009 and our experience is unbeatable”
Pedro Dominguez

“Freshlife knows the consumer sector inside out. When we work with them, we know that we have a specific knowledge that is unique in the market”
Alvaro Lasaga

“We are totally confident about working together with Freshlife on FMCG projects”
Ramón Martínez Borrás

“Freshlife adds a new dimension to my management, a product of their experience and knowledge of the sector”
Fernando Baroja

“Our experience with Freshlife has been excellent. They stand out for their knowledge, hard work and honesty, their focus on results and their commitment”
Bittor Oroz

“Freshlife are professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record in the consumer sector”
Alejandro Ortiz

“Freshlife gives us great confidence when we work together on consumer projects”
Carlos Ballesteros

“I have had the opportunity to use Freshlife several times over the last few years, and I have always been satisfied with the work done and the attention received by their teams.”
Jean Michel Beranger